You spend 20% of your budget on customer experience and optimizing individual channels. But does it drive loyalty and promote advocacy?

Marketing organizations are being challenged to create personalized and targeted interactions with customers that foster engagement and increase conversion, a departure from traditional mass marketing and advertising tactics.

To engage on a 1:1 level, organizations have to learn more about their customers than just their email addresses. They must learn customer preferences and observe their behaviors. Using those insights, organizations can create meaningful customer interactions throughout the lifecycle of the customer, but this requires a thoughtful and methodical approach, as well as the ability to scale to millions of customers.

Our Engagement Marketing solution allows you to engage customers and prospects in the sales process at the right time, and through the channels they prefer. Our experience allows us to deliver success to our clients seeking better strategic and technical solutions.

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Revenue Acceleration


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Customer Experience Management

Delivering a delightful customer experience is the primary goal for today's marketing professionals. The first step in delivering that experience is understanding how customers perceive the brand versus how customers should perceive the brand.

We give you a 360-degree view of customer preferences and behaviors. We help you translate your customers' brand perception into actionable campaigns and promotions, customized to drive stronger loyalty and, ultimately, advocacy. We help you engage throughout the customer journey to nurture leads into prospects, while promoting cross-sell and upsell opportunities to your customers.

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Marketing Automation

Defining customer personas, mapping out customer journeys, and creating personalized campaigns and promotions are an essential part of Engagement Marketing. Doing that at scale, to touch millions of customers, requires marketing automation. Today's marketing automation tools do more than just direct email campaigns - they allow you to capture customer preference information and use that information to execute business rule driven engagement.

We help our customers to assemble and implement sophisticated customer profile building tools, lead management and nurture applications, and marketing campaign/promotion systems. We help you define and automate customer engagement and personalization across channels, so that you can understand how customers engage with your brand, as well as their behavioral decision criteria.

With over 1,000 Salesforce implementations across the globe, Acumen Solutions has earned a 9.5 out of 10 for customer satisfaction ratings among cloud consultancies. 

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Voice of the Customer

Organizations that invite and act upon customer input have stronger brand loyalty and more brand advocates. Progressive firms are able to respond to customer feedback in real-time, and automatically provide relevant information back to product and marketing teams, without asking customers to complete lengthy surveys.

Customer engagement experts at Acumen Solutions leverage cloud and mobile technologies to create more meaningful and profitable interactions with customers. We help our customers use CRM, social, and web technologies to collect critical customer feedback about your products and services. We automate business rule driven actions that help you respond to customers quickly, enabling you to increase your brand loyalty and advocacy.