Data multiplies exponentially, making it impossible to analyze everything. Does data improve and expedite your strategic decision-making? Does it increase overall organizational efficiencies?

The Operations organization continues to see a relentless focus on efficiency, cost management, and risk mitigation. But more importantly, COOs are expected to transform core aspects of the business, while also expanding into new markets in pursuit of growth. Couple that with the increasing speed of change, from ever shorter product development life cycles, to continuously evolving technology, and it becomes clear that traditional tactics simply do not scale.

Our On-Demand Analytics solution helps you identify actionable insights to increase revenue, innovate products, and improve service. Our experience delivers success for customers looking for help accelerating transformations that will benefit their business the most.

Informed Decision-Making and Risk Management
Better Customer segmentation, product analysis, and revenue identification
Reduced Costs by automating dashboards and reporting


Advanced Sales Analytics

Advanced Sales Analytics

Sales leadership teams leverage CRM to manage pipeline, monthly/quarterly revenue against targets, and sales rep performance. They are singularly focused on driving top line revenue. You need more than that to optimize performance.

Acumen Solutions takes your business to the next level by addressing practical business challenges with industry best practices and an eye on innovation. We help you analyze data from multiple sources to provide deeper insights. For instance, we isolate factors that differentiate successful sales reps from their less productive peers. We correlate sales effectiveness with the adoption of sales processes. We turn factors into metrics and measure across the organization. Our insights drive additional sales, reduce the cost of sales, and increase probability of close.

Sales Acceleration

Advanced Service Analytics

Customer service leadership teams leverage CRM to manage call queues, average wait times, case volume, mean-time to respond/resolve, and tiered utilization. You need more than tactical metrics to make strategic decisions.

Subject matter experts at Acumen Solutions take time to understand your unique business needs before tailoring Salesforce to achieve definable business goals. We help you identify trends in product performance and sales, valuable voice of the customer input from case histories, and correlate external/internal events that impact case volumes. We turn trends into actionable insights that drive product roadmaps, enable predictive service, and improve first call resolution.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Your customers, both current and former, say a lot about you. They probably share more about you than they share with you. The same is true of your competitors. How well do you really understand the way you are perceived in the marketplace? How do you stack up against your competition?

We implement industry-leading natural language processing tools to truly understand your brand's perception in the marketplace. We help our customers select and then refine the attributes that matter, so you can make decisions based on accurate insights. Knowing your competitors' strengths and weaknesses helps you to shape product, marketing, and sales strategies to win. Clients choose Acumen Solutions because they know that when it comes to cloud solutions, one thing matters most: experience delivers success.

Advanced Product Insights

Advanced Product Insights

Customer-focused companies adjust their product roadmaps based on input collected through market research, focus groups, and surveys. All of these take months to collect, and quarters or years to actually be reflected in manufactured products.

We are a global consultancy that unlocks each client's vast and untapped potential. We help our customers mine the data they already have using analytics tools and technologies. In addition to traditional sources, we examine social posts, customer service cases, and IoT data to accelerate the product development team's ability to respond to market inputs. Products become more relevant, which increases your sales.