Addressing the “Deliver Excellence” Conundrum

For professional service firms, effective project delivery is the key to driving client satisfaction, achieving a competitive advantage, and maintaining high project profitability. Yet, challenges like margin erosion, the loss of utilization, and unmanaged risks are preventing companies from delivering high-quality results to clients. 

The “Amazon Experience” Dominates Customer Expectations, and B2B is No Exception

What does digital innovation mean for the manufacturing industry? For those that have already achieved high levels of collaboration across their direct and indirect 
sales channels, the next natural step is to leverage the revenue growth potential and strategic advantage of B2B commerce. 

Revamping Large-Scale Recruiting in the Armed Forces and Beyond

As the past calendar year came to a close, the US Army faced a daunting reality that had been slowly manifesting for years. The 2018 recruiting class was 6,500 troops short, missing the year’s target mark for the first time since the height of the Iraq War 13 years ago. 

Low Cost, High Impact: Achieving It All with Cloud-Based Telephony

Customers, members, constituents; regardless of who your organization serves, contact centers have shifted from a “low-touch” channel to one that can make or break the service experience. The ease of use when calling in for support can have a tremendous impact on how an organization is perceived. It’s a chance to make a positive impression, or sear in a sense of frustration.

High Performance Trade Promotions: Adaptive Strategies to Drive Improved ROI

Across industries, from manufacturing to consumer packaged goods (CPG), brands lack confidence regarding the return on their trade promotions.

Is Business Development Your Strength or Achilles Heel?

Don't let business development become your Achilles heel. Learn how to leverage technology to turn business development into your greatest strength.

Enabling Rapid Growth Through Collaboration

The travel and hospitality markets are expanding rapidly. Learn how to leverage technology to increase market share during growth periods, remain ahead of disruptive forces, and deliver more consistent guest experiences.

The Franchise Market is Growing, Are You?

The only way to harness growth in the franchise market is to leverage a solution that empowers sales, marketing, and service teams. Learn more about how to successfully manage franchises.

What the 21st Century IDEA Act Means for Federal Agencies

From modernizing websites to digitizing all forms and services, the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA) aims to make sweeping reforms over the digital experience associated with federal agencies.