DF15 Session: PPL Tackles Member Engagement with Salesforce

Mark Douglas of PPL and Nicole Carbonaro of Acumen Solutions discuss how Acumen Solutions helped PPL address customer engagement issues with Salesforce in this Dreamforce 2015 session.

DF15 Session: Enable Your Sales Team to Close Deals Faster: All From Their Mobile Devices

Watch our Dreamforce 2015 client session with MTD to hear how they, with the help of Acumen Solutions, enabled their sales teams to close deals faster.

Machine to Cloud (M2Cloud) Video

Connected products produce data. To change business processes, organizations must digest and analyze data while utilizing applications that can act on insights in real-time. Our M2Cloud solution allows us to rapidly create connected apps using ThingWorx.

Acumen Solutions' Smart Information Filtering Tool (SIFT™) Video

Today’s customer is talking to your organization more than ever across multiple channels. Let Acumen Solutions help you manage your customers’ correspondences.

SchoolForce Video

With Acumen Solutions' SchoolForce solution, schools gain the ability to collaborate with teachers, parents, and partner schools. With SchoolForce, they can track and compare performance across time and location.

Acumen Solutions' SmartStore™ Video

SmartStore™ enhances your omni-channel strategy with long-term customer loyalty, growth, and increased conversions.

Acumen Solutions' Bartendro Video

See how Acumen Solutions' leverages our M2Cloud solution to manage the drink-making process from end to end, from storing drink recipes in the cloud, to alerting staff when ingredients are running low.

Acumen Solutions' Correspondence Management Video

Correspondence Management by Acumen Solutions enables the Government to respond quickly and accurately to their constituents.