From Data Deluge to Organized Archive

Amazon Web Services provides a suite of solutions that allow companies to leverage data archiving in three distinctly significant ways: archiving, back-up and recovery, and replication.

AI Explosion: How Solution Providers Are Cashing In Big

As artificial intelligence gets built into a wide range of products and market segments, savvy solution providers are rapidly scaling their practices across the stack and creating booming profit centers.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2018

Our Corporate Social Responsibility program is key to the Acumen Solutions culture, emphasizing our commitment to service and community. Take a look at how we made a positive impact in 2018.

Salesforce: The Clear Choice over Microsoft Dynamics

Why are executives demanding more and more from their CRM systems? Simply put, enterprises can’t grow without nurturing customers, and customer expectations have transformed dramatically in the last decade. People expect to use any channel they want - email, phone, web, or social - to make purchases or get issues resolved. They want consistently great service across all channels and if they don’t get it, they will take their business elsewhere.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2017

At Acumen Solutions, we take our corporate social responsibility very seriously. Check our annual report to see what we did in 2017!

Getting It Just Right: Forecasting and the Manufacturing Goldilocks Complex

Overestimating or underestimating demand negatively affect your bottom line. This is the Manufacturing Goldilocks Complex: forecasts need to be "just right." How should manufacturers address this issue?

Implementing New Technology Through the Lens of the Customer

Federal IT Budget: Look for Security, Cloud Spending in 2018

Industry trade news publication, TechTarget, recently published an article on the expected increase in federal IT procurement activity as it relates to security and cloud investments in 2018.

Election Year Test of Knowledge at Dreamforce 2016

It’s an election year in the United States, which means many of us are watching polls and trends to see who will come out on top. A few thousand votes in key states can make it or break it for candidates and their agendas.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016

Impact. Influence. Innovate. These are the core components of our Corporate Social Responsibility program. Check out what we did in 2016!