Acumen Solutions designed and deployed a custom Salesforce Solution for a Leading Global Retailer struggling to capture and draw insights from customer interactions with their call centers. The comprehensive transformation included an intelligent, automated, and user-friendly Salesforce implementation, but also training that enabled the Retailer to identify and act on product issues and expedite the customer reconciliation process, ultimately improving Customer Satisfaction.

Business Challenge

A Leading Global Retailer (LGR) was interested in using Salesforce's superior reporting capabilities to enhance their ability to track calls to their Customer Relations department. Brand Managers at LGR required more insight into why customers called so they could identify trends related to brands and products. The LGR also required the system to be highly user-friendly, since turnover in the department was high and representatives had varying levels of computer skills.


Acumen Solutions leveraged its deep CRM process and Salesforce configuration experience to design and deploy a custom solution that was user-friendly, automated, and compatible with legacy systems. Acumen Solutions implemented the Agent Console to simplify data entry, developed custom S-Controls to enable user categorization of cases from over 10,000 values at 6 levels and automate the appeasement correspondence mailing process using intelligent letter template matching. Acumen Solutions also greatly improved reporting potential using Crystal Reports and even utilized Java to integrate data from legacy IT systems.

Return on Investment

Customer Satisfaction with LGR improved immediately due to their custom Salesforce implementation’s powerful data capture, automation, and reporting capabilities. Brand Partners used insights drawn from Customer Relationship reports to inform policy changes and internal controls to improve products. Acumen Solutions expertise in CRM and Salesforce implementations meant that the LGR was able to use their flexible, powerful, and complete CRM system after only seven weeks of well-executed implementation.