A Leading Cable Provider sought to present information maintained in its Salesforce environment alongside key information maintained in their multi-operational support systems (OSS) environment.

Traditionally, the OSS platform customer data was retrieved from an existing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) infrastructure. However, the services in the existing SOA Infrastructure were not readily compatible with the Salesforce platform. Acumen Solutions utilized a third-party application to help overcome the limitations of the SOA Infrastructure.

Business Challenge

A Leading Cable Provider recognized an opportunity to improve the customer experience by refining the way new and existing commercial customer accounts were managed. Historically, the process of configuring and installing a new service location within a commercial account required multiple steps that were managed across a variety of systems including Salesforce, ICOMS billing platform, and multiple custom-built legacy systems. The existing workflow was tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone, while the existing integration did not provide adequate feedback to end users throughout the process.


Acumen Solutions implemented a Cast Iron integration appliance to adapt the client’s existing SOA infrastructure to a structure conforming to Salesforce integration requirements. Each commercial account page displays information retrieved in real-time by Cast Iron from the SOA infrastructure. Information was further computed, aggregated, and formatted in Salesforce using Visualforce and Apex technologies. In addition to using Cast Iron for resolving compatibility issues, filtering capabilities and new data views were also provided to extend the data transformation SOA.

Return on Investment

The Cast Iron integration appliance provided this Cable Provider with optimized views that considered their unique data volume and structure. Business users can now target and manage sales and provide more personalized, efficient, and high-quality customer service. The new system eliminates the “swivel-chair” and error-prone data management activities. Feedback on the success or failure of the automated order entry functions is now provided directly in Salesforce and is available for reporting, queuing for re-work, or for re-processing. The new system is flexible, provides the ability to effectively manage the installation order entry, and allows users to manage the MACD (Move, Add, Change and Disconnect) functions that the Cable Provider had desired.