Shorten sales cycles for your direct and indirect sales teams.

SpringCM complements existing business processes and delivers measurable value within the first month. SpringCM's contract management platform includes true workflow automation and mobile applications that help customers simplify their contract management while helping them identify potential areas of risk in the process. 

A critical component of the lead-to-cash business workflow is automating the contracting process. When it comes to contracts, SpringCM makes sales teams more productive by reducing the time it takes to go from proposal to signed contract. Proposals, quotes, and contracts are generated faster with correct templates and relevant data. SpringCM's contract lifecycle management solution provides a clear paper trail of document changes by users, so that all relevant parties always know the status of a contract.

With SpringCM's Sales Acceleration solutions, enterprises gain the ability to:

Identify and address hold-ups in your contracts process
Access the most current version of A document
Track the contracts process from start-to-finish
Integrate seamlessly with Salesforce