The information that matters, right where people work.

Today, customers have come to demand exceptional, high touch service around the clock, 7 days a week. The ability to access pertinent information quickly and effortlessly has become a necessity for organizations that want to keep their customers happy. Coveo makes finding information, within your organization, effortless.

Coveo is a provider of enterprise search and website search technologies, with integrated plug-ins for, Sitecore CEP, Microsoft Outlook, and SharePoint. Coveo for Salesforce is the search-based app that gives agents and customers access to the most relevant, proactive, and context-aware information so they can solve issues quickly and completely. Coveo automatically pushes case-relevant knowledge from across the enterprise and beyond, directly into the agent’s or customer’s context.

Coveo for Salesforce: Community Edition drives self-service success and improves satisfaction on you customer, employee, and partner communities with unified access and proactive suggestions to all useful content, even if it resides beyond your Salesforce Community. Turn your community into a self-service engine with Coveo's intelligent search that always delivers the most relevant answers and content to help your community members succeed.

Coveo for Salesforce: Service Cloud Edition empowers your support professionals to deliver great service experiences by providing them with swift access to the most relevant content and experts from across your enterprise systems, without leaving their Service Cloud consoles. With Coveo, enterprises gain intelligent search that makes their agents more proficient and productive.

At Acumen Solutions, we strive to provide the best service to all of our customers. Our Effortless Customer Services solutions rely on Coveo's solutions to allow agents to effectively access their company's data, from wherever it resides in their organization, when responding to customers. Coveo helps enterprises:

Make self-service personal and proactive
Understand exactly what content community members are looking for
Make Knowledge-centered service a reality
Tune with precision to maximize your customer service kpis