Birst is the only enterprise-caliber Business Intelligence platform born in the cloud.

Birst's patented 2-Tier Data Technology and comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) platform sits on top of all of your data to unify, refine, and embed data consistently; allowing you to make informed choices every time—up and down the org chart. Birst's BI and analytics capabilities allow companies to capture vast amounts of data and incorporate them into a format that allows one to make decisions more easily. Birst offers clients several advanced BI and analytics capabilities including but not limited to: Data Warehousing, ETL tools, Ad-hoc Reports, and Dashboards. Using Birst, organizations can expand and improve their reporting capabilities in Salesforce, gaining better reporting, information, and efficiencies. 
As a Birst Partner, Acumen Solutions has implemented Birst for several of our clients.  We've also created a number of repeatable Birst solutions:
Birst for Sales Analytics
Birst for Retail
Birst for Sales Performance Management