You know your distributors and your suppliers. How well do you know your customers?

We see major trends disrupting Manufacturing and Automotive business models that are creating opportunities for direct to buyer engagement and servitization. Traditional B2B companies are finding themselves exploring a new business modelB2B2C. In addition to managing complex partner, dealer, distributor networks, manufacturers need to engage end customers in their marketing, sales, and service efforts.

Acumen Solutions delivers success by helping Manufacturing firms directly influence their customers' buying decisions. We implement analytics, CRM solutions fully integrated with back-end ERP systems, and new business processes to determine customer preferences and behaviors collected from sales, service, and connected products to create a competitive advantage. Our customers choose us because they know not all challenges can be solved by technology alone.

Drive Loyalty
Build brand loyalty
Increase Profitability
Upsell and cross sell DIRECTLY TO CONSUMERS
Enable New Sales Channels
Reduce excess inventory through better sales forecasting



Sales Acceleration

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

Acumen Solutions played a key role as a design and pilot partner for Salesforce’s new Manufacturing Cloud, which debuted in Fall 2019. Acumen Solutions previously developed a Salesforce FullForce Solution called Integrated Sales Forecasting, which worked to provide a better view of customer demand, as well as the ability to tie more precise product forecasts to underlying parts and components. By doing so, sales and demand teams were given the ability to collaborate on forecasts and resolve supply chain complexities in real-time. We are thrilled that the capabilities of Integrated Sales Forecasting have been incorporated into the new Manufacturing Cloud product. Our customers will now be able to utilize the functionality of the Integrated Sales Forecasting tool, along with a robust suite of new technologies designed to align sales with core S&OP demand and production planning needs, with the implementation of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud.
Sales Acceleration

Direct Customer Engagement

Establishing a direct relationship with end customers is essential to maintaining brand loyalty. Defining customer personas, mapping out customer journeys, and creating personalized campaigns and promotions are an essential part building that relationship. Doing that on a scale that touches millions of customers requires marketing automation. Today's marketing automation tools do more than direct email campaigns, they allow you to capture customer preference information and use that to execute business rules that drive engagement.

Subject matter experts at Acumen Solutions lead engagements that make manufacturers more connected to their customers. We help you to assemble and implement sophisticated customer profile building tools, marketing campaign/promotion systems, and lead management and nurture applications. We help you define and automate customer engagement and personalization across channels, so you can understand how your end customers engage with your brand, as well as their behavioral decision criteria.

Sales Acceleration

Engineer to Order

Traditional CRM implementations isolate contact and opportunity management. Your sales teams leverage an iterative design and engineering process encompassing the entire sales lifecycle—from lead management, to lead conversion, contact/account/opportunity management, product and/or service design, pricing, quoting, contract negotiation and execution, invoicing, billing, orders, revenue recognition and renewals.

Cloud solutions integrated with backend ERP systems allow manufacturers to directly influence their customers’ buying decisions by determining customer preferences  and behaviors collected from sales, service, and connected products. We help you automate your engineer to order process by integrating PLM with CRM, Pricing, CPQ (configure, price quote), and CLM (contract lifecycle management) solutions. Our customers see dramatic results in increased lead conversion, quota attainment, deal size, and quotes generated, while significantly shortening the sales process and reducing the interactions to close.

Sales Acceleration

Advanced Product Insights

You adjust your product roadmaps and PLM based on input collected through market research, focus groups, and surveys. All of which take months to collect, and quarters or years to be reflected in manufactured products.

We help our customers mine the data they already have using analytics tools and technologies. In addition to traditional sources, we examine social posts, customer service cases, employee inputs, and IoT data to accelerate the product development team's ability to respond to market inputs. Products become more relevant, which increases your sales. Clients choose Acumen Solutions because they know that when it comes to cloud solutions, one thing matters most: experience delivers success.

Sales Acceleration

Remote Service Management for Connected Products

Sophisticated analytics tools and connected devices have changed the landscape of what we know about the health of our equipment in the field. You have volumes of data that actually enable you to predict your equipment's need for service BEFORE the equipment fails.

Acumen Solutions delivers implementations on time and on budget. We help implement analytics tools, IoT technologies, and business processes that allow manufacturers to change their service model from customer initiated service to predictive service. We capture known indicators for service and proactively initiate customer service actions to provide an unprecedented level of customer service, while dramatically reducing downtime and service cost.