Where are you investing your budgets? Are you using the right mix of technology to achieve growth objectives and innovate?

Consumers strive for financial independence and businesses seek sustained revenue growth. They yearn for financial advice based on individual circumstances, the market, and industry trends. You know your products and services can help meet their goals. With your customers' financial history, behaviors, and demographic data, you know their full potential. Are you connecting your products and services to your customers to realize that potential? Is the experience consistent online, with the contact center, and at the branch?

Acumen Solutions delivers success by helping integrate disparate systems to assemble customer information across business units. We implement CRM and analytics technologies that help you capture information about your customer’s financial profile so you can present relevant products and services to customers based on their individual profiles, thereby increasing customer engagement and consequently expanding share of wallet.

Drive Loyalty
Customize customer engagement
Increase Profitability
Deliver personalized value added services
Enable New Sales Channels
Enable broker/deals to sell your services easily

Financial Services

Sales Acceleration

Customer Engagement

Defining customer personas, mapping out customer journeys, and creating personalized campaigns and promotions are an essential part of personalized engagement. In order to have a successful personalized engagement strategy that touches millions of customers, companies need marketing automation. Today's marketing automation tools do more than direct email campaigns—they also allow you to capture customer preference information and use that to execute business rules that drive engagement.

Customer engagement experts at Acumen Solutions leverage cloud and mobile technologies to create more meaningful and profitable interactions with customers. We help you assemble and implement sophisticated customer profile building tools, marketing campaign/promotion systems, and lead management and nurture applications. We help you define and automate customer engagements and personalization strategies across multiple channels so you can understand how customers engage with your brand, as well as their behavioral decision criteria.

Sales Acceleration

Personalized Customer Offers

Rather than working through brokers and financial advisors, customers are making their own investment decisions. Institutions that anticipate their customer's needs and deliver on expectations ultimately increase engagement and gain brand loyalty. Consistent and predictable sales processes, proven techniques, and enablement tools improve your ability to transform potentially routine service interactions into meaningful and memorable moments for the customer, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, revenue generation, and sales upsell opportunities.

Acumen Solutions will give you a 360-degree view of customer preferences and behaviors. We enable your service agents, branch employees, financial advisors, and customer relationship managers to better execute during compelling buying moments, while effectively communicating your products and services' value proposition within the market place. Our solutions leverage mobile commerce, predictive offer recommendations, pricing recommendations, guided selling, and self-service order capture. We equip your employees with the tools to create satisfying and effortless experiences and increase sales, while managing risk by adding customer value at relevant purchasing moments - no matter the channel.

Sales Acceleration

Integrating Legacy Systems

Meeting demands for new technology across an organization requires an architecture that facilitates data flow between proprietary systems without disrupting data integrity.

Our clients make an extraordinary leap forward in strategy, processes, and performance. We help you replace rigid point-to-point connections with more modern, flexible, and scalable integration platforms that minimize, and even eliminate, the need for customized code to share data between systems. We help you bring valuable business transforming technologies to market sooner, without sacrificing quality.