Students don't need to be taught technology; they need technology to expand how they learn.

The global spend on education technology is on the rise, fueling a market that is projected to reach $19 billion by 2018, according to a recent Futuresource Consulting study. The promise of online resources supplementing traditional textbook and newer video-based learning is tremendous. Decades of changes in policy and education reform have meant constant change, but few are prescriptive on the use of technology to achieve better student outcomes.

We deliver success to leading school districts, universities, and education service providers through the use of cloud-based CRM and analytics technologies to better understand the factors that most influence a student's academic performance. We help educators use those insights to re-examine how they support instruction inside and outside the classroom.

Drive Loyalty
Actively engage students in their academic journey
Increase Profitability
Deliver individualized content and services based on student interests goals
Enable New Sales Channels
Measure student outcomes and teacher performance


Sales Acceleration


The current SIS market has been stuck in a technology vacuum for 20 years, with minimal innovation. Acumen Solutions is disrupting the market with SchoolForceTM - a next generation SIS solution built on Salesforce.

SchoolForceTM provides SIS functionality built to fulfill standards-based grading, while also leveraging the CRM aspects of Salesforce Communities, collaboration, mobile, and a market of 3rd party apps. We customize SchoolForceTM to help enterprise education customers achieve better student outcomes. With over 1,000 Salesforce implementations across the globe, Acumen Solutions has earned one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings among cloud consultancies (9.5 out of 10).

Sales Acceleration

Improving Student Services

Education providers traditionally focus their time and energy on improving education services. What gets lost is the art of servicing your student or customer.

Acumen Solutions delivers implementations on time and on budget. We provide comprehensive CRM services focused on understanding and responding to your customer/student's needs, and providing them with exceptional multi-channel service.

Sales Acceleration

Improving Enrollment

Whether you are a school district, university, or provider of education services, you need consistent enrollment numbers to complete your mission.

We provide enrollment services to enterprise customers, such as urban school districts and national education service providers. Acumen Solutions maintains over 500 onshore Salesforce consultants. Our education experts can help you optimize your business processes and leverage the latest cloud computing technologies. We implement comprehensive and customizable solutions that meet your needs.